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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I live within the boundaries of Miwok Village Elementary?

If you reside South of Whitelock Parkway, you are likely within the new boundary for Miwok Village Elementary.

I recently moved into the area, how do I transfer my child to Miwok Village Elementary?

If you are moving from another EGUSD school, please update your address at your current school before filling out any further paperwork. Once that is complete (or if you are new to the district), please complete your child's enrollment online or with a physical packet in the front office. For new/non-EGUSD enrollments, additional documentation specified in the packet (such as immunization records, proof of residency, birth certificate/passport, parent/guardian ID, etc.) must be provided to complete the enrollment process. Please be aware that students will be placed in a class as soon as possible after the enrollment process is complete.

Is there a preschool program at Miwok Village Elementary?

Preschool enrollment packets and information can be accessed here: Preschool
We are excited to announce that there is a preschool program at Miwok Village Elementary. Space is limited, but if you are interested please visit Elk Grove Unified School District's Early Childhood Education webpage for more information.

How do I know what track my child(ren) are going to be on?

Parents and guardians will receive their child's track and class information before the start of the school year via the email provided at the time of registration or through their ParentVue account. 

Will both of my students be placed on the same track?

Our goal is to always place siblings on the same track. In the event that is not possible we will contact you with available options. 

I want to change my child's track. What is the process to request that?

We have recently emailed the tentative track information for Miwok Village Elementary Students. If you would like to request a track change please click here and complete the Track Change Request Form. There is space on this form for you to include all of your enrolled students information without having to complete separate forms. 

Is my child old enough for Transitional Kindergarten or Kindergarten?

For the 2023/2024 school year:
If your child's birthday is between September 2, 2018 and April 2nd, 2019 they are old enough to enroll into Transitional Kindergarten.
If your child's birthday is between September 2, 2017 and September 1, 2018 they are old enough to enroll into Kindergarten.

What Special Education classes are going to be offered at Miwok Village Elementary School?

If your child currently receives Special Education services through an IEP and you are uncertain if your child should attend Miwok Village Elementary, please reach out to your child's program specialist for assistance. Since each child has different needs addressed through their IEP, you and your child's team will be able collaborate and determine what site/program can meet those needs. 

Are you a year round site?

Miwok Village Elementary is a year round site with A, B, C, and D tracks for TK-6th Grade. Preschool and Special Education classes follow the Traditional schedule. Please refer to the EGUSD calendars for exact dates of holidays/track changes.

What are the school hours?

Our school has different hours every Wednesday as well as on designated track-change days. Please refer to our bell schedule for more informaton.

Will there be before/after school care?

For the Expanded Learning Program (ExL), Please contact Susan at 
Catalyst Kids Logo
We are delighted to announce that Catalyst Kids has been awarded the contract to provide services at Miwok Village Elementary, please visit for more information.
Catalyst Kids will offer care Before/After/Off Track for TK through 6th grade students. 

What do I do if my child(ren) will be missing school for a vacation?

Our hope at Miwok Village Elementary School is that all vacations are taken during scheduled break/offtrack times. It is very important that students do not miss instruction time as attendence is the leading indicator of whether or not students will be successful in the classroom. 
If you still must schedule a vacation during instructional days, please come into the office to fill out a "Vacation Absence Form" as far in advance of the vacation as possible. Also, it is important to know that vacations are considered unexcused absences. Legally excused absences are those for personal illness, quarentine, doctor appointments, court dates, etc. By having multiple unexcused absences on your student's record, you will receive letters or phone calls from the Attendence Improvement Office. 

I want to bring treats for my child's birthday/celebration, what should I bring?

Non-food items are preferred & always enjoyed. Only store bought, individually wrapped, pre-packaged treats with labeled ingredients are acceptable. Please note that the office cannot guarantee that treats delivered to the office will make it to the classroom. We ask students to hold all treats for their grown-ups' approval before eating. Food and non-food goodies are sent home at the end of the day and not consumed during instructional times. 

Where do I drop off/pick up my child before/after school?

In the morning, the MP room opens for breakfast at 8:15. All gates open at 8:35am and students walk directly to their classrooms. If walking your child to and from campus, please plan to park in designated street parking areas along Cape Verde to the westand Greylag, Steve Horning, Dona Neely, and Richard Ibarra Ways to the east.
After school, gates open at 3:11pm on all days but Wednesdays, when gates open at 2:21. Dismissal is from the classroom with TK, K, and 1st grade students dismissed to families at the door. Students in 2nd grade or above may wait in front of the school to be picked up from the designated pickup lane. Please have a plan for your students at dismissal. 
You can see the designated areas for drop off/pickup here.
Safety is our top priority, therefore we ask that students and guardians always exercise caution while driving/walking and use crosswalks at all times. 

What do I need to do to get my child an early dismissal?

Students may be released early only to approved guardians/emergency contacts in the front office after providing photo ID, students are not called up to the office until photo ID is verified. Please arrive early enough to provide enough time for the student to be called to the office. Also, be aware that it may take longer to retrieve the student if they are at lunch or recess.
This page is being updated regularly. Please check back for more information.