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How do I know if I live within the boundaries of Miwok Village Elementary?

If you reside South of Whitelock Parkway, you are likely within the new boundary for Miwok Village Elementary.

I recently moved into the area, how do I transfer my child to Miwok Village Elementary?

If you are moving from another EGUSD school, please update your address at your current school before filling out any further paperwork. Once that is complete (or if you are new to the district), please complete your child's enrollment online or with a physical packet in the front office. For new/non-EGUSD enrollments, additional documentation specified in the packet (such as immunization records, proof of residency, birth certificate/passport, parent/guardian ID, etc.) must be provided to complete the enrollment process. Please be aware that students will be placed in a class as soon as possible after the enrollment process is complete.

Are you a year round site?

Miwok Village Elementary is a year round site with A, B, C, and D tracks for TK-6th Grade. Preschool and Special Education classes follow the Traditional schedule. Please refer to the EGUSD calendars for exact dates of holidays/track changes.

What are the school hours?

Our school operates Monday through Friday, with early dismissal every Wednesday. We recommend that families set a reminder for Wednesdays, as this is one of the most common days when children are accidentally forgotten and not picked up on time. 
Once a month, we have a minimum day for track changes, which are indicated on the school calendar by a half-colored box. We always suggest that families add all of these minimum days to their calendars ahead of time, with reminders, to ensure their student is picked up on time.
While we do our best to reassure students, it can be upsetting for them when they are the last ones to be picked up.
Please refer to our bell schedule for more informaton.

Campus Safety

At Miwok Village Elementary, ensuring the safety of our students is our top priority. To maintain a secure environment, all gates on campus remain locked during the school day and are only opened by staff during arrival and dismissal times. We have also instructed teachers to keep their classroom doors locked and closed.
We conduct monthly fire drills, and every trimester, we practice lockdown drills and earthquake drills. These drills are carried out in a calm manner with clear explanations to students to avoid causing any fear. Our staff regularly participates in safety training and we continuously update our safety plan to ensure we are well-prepared for any emergencies.

Is there a preschool program at Miwok Village Elementary?

Preschool enrollment packets and information can be accessed here: Preschool
We are excited to announce that there is a preschool program at Miwok Village Elementary. Space is limited, but if you are interested please visit Elk Grove Unified School District's Early Childhood Education webpage for more information.

How do I know what track my child(ren) are going to be on?

Parents and guardians will receive their child's track and class information before the start of the school year via the email provided at the time of registration or through their ParentVue account. 

Will both of my students be placed on the same track?

As we continue to grow, it is essential to follow board policies and maintain a fair and organized process for all families.
1. Student Placement
  • Students are placed where space is available. If space permits, we prioritize placing siblings on the same track to accommodate family needs
  • Please note that accommodating sibling placements sometimes necessitates moving other students to different tracks.
2. Efforts to Accommodate Families
  • We make every effort to accommodate all families, but as a growing campus with an uneven number of classes on each track, some adjustments are unavoidable.
  • Each year, a significant number of students may need to move from one track to another.
3. Criteria for Track Changes
   Track changes are based on the following priorities:
  • Sibling placement
  • Enrollment date.
  • Track change requests.
We understand that this process may cause inconvenience and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Our goal is to ensure a smooth and equitable experience for all students and families. 
Thank you for your attention to this matter.

I want to change my child's track. What is the process to request that?

We are currently at capacity with extremely limited ability to change tracks. Track changes can only be granted when another student leaves. When a space becomes available, we will first identify if we have any siblings on separate tracks that we must offer the empty spot to first, based on Ed. Code. After that, we will refer to the track change request list.
The list is maintained in perpetuity, and requests are honored in the order they are received. Please note the following:
  • If you disenroll from Miwok Village Elementary, your Track Change Request will be discarded.
  • If you are offered a spot and decline, your request will be considered offered and denied, and it will be removed from the list.
  • Track changes can occur during the school year as space becomes available.
Before changing a student’s track, we will attempt to contact you. After the third attempt to contact you, if there is no response, you will be skipped to fill the spot promptly.
If you still wish to request a track change, please click here and complete the Track Change Request Form. There is space on this form for you to include all your enrolled students' information without having to complete separate forms.

How Do I Get an Update on My Track Change Request?

Thank you for your inquiry regarding track change requests. At this time, we are unable to provide status updates on individual track change requests. If you have submitted your request, it is already in our system.

Please understand that all of our classes are currently full, and we are not changing anyone's track at this time. We will contact the next person in line when space becomes available.

We have received over 500 track change requests, and our office does not currently have the capacity to verify the status of all these requests individually. However, we are working on a plan to email families later this year to confirm if you are still interested in a track change.

We understand that everyone desires their preferred track, and we appreciate your patience and understanding. The track change request list will continue to be maintained, and there is no need to submit a new request unless you wish to change the track you are requesting.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Is my child old enough for Transitional Kindergarten or Kindergarten?

For the 2024/2025 school year:
If your child's birthday is between September 2, 2019 and June 2nd, 2020 they are old enough to enroll into Transitional Kindergarten.
If your child's birthday is between September 2, 2018 and September 1, 2019 they are old enough to enroll into Kindergarten.
For the 2025/2026 school year (Registration begins January of 2025, Exact date TBD):
If your child's birthday is between September 2, 2019 and September 1, 2020 they are old enough to enroll into Transitional Kindergarten.
If your child's birthday is between September 2, 2020 and September 1, 2021 they are old enough to enroll into Kindergarten.

What Special Education classes are going to be offered at Miwok Village Elementary School?

If your child currently receives Special Education services through an IEP and you're unsure about whether Miwok Village Elementary is the right fit, please contact your child's program specialist for guidance. Every child's needs are unique, and together with your child's team, you can collaborate to determine the most suitable site or program to support those needs.
If you feel your child may need Special Education services, please schedule a parent-teacher conference to discuss their academic progress. This meeting will help us understand your child's needs and explore various interventions that can support their learning. Our goal is to provide the most appropriate support, ensuring each child receives the necessary resources to thrive.

What do I do if my child(ren) will be missing school for a vacation?

Attendance is very important, and currently, our school attendance rate is poor due to vacations. Families should do their best to plan vacations during off-track times. Our hope at Miwok Village Elementary School is that all vacations are taken during scheduled break/off-track times. It is crucial that students do not miss instructional time, as attendance is the leading indicator of whether or not students will be successful in the classroom.
If you must schedule a vacation during instructional days, please come into the office to fill out a "Vacation Absence Form" as far in advance of the vacation as possible. It is important to know that vacations are considered unexcused absences. Legally excused absences include personal illness, quarantine, doctor appointments, court dates, etc. Multiple unexcused absences on your student's record will result in letters, phone calls, or meeting and signing an attendance contract with the Attendance Improvement Office.

What do I need to do to get my child an early dismissal?

Students may be released early only to approved guardians or emergency contacts who provide a photo ID at the front office. Students will not be called to the office until the photo ID is verified.
Please arrive early to allow enough time for the student to be called to the office. Be aware that it may take longer to retrieve the student if they are at PE, lunch, or recess

Where do I drop off/pick up my child before/after school?

In the morning, the Multi-Purpose (MP) room opens for breakfast at 8:15 AM. All gates open at 8:35 AM, and students walk directly to their classrooms. If you are walking your child to and from campus, please plan to park in designated street parking areas along Cape Verde to the west and Greylag, Steve Horning, Dona Neely, and Richard Ibarra Ways to the east.
After school, gates open at 3:11 PM on all days except Wednesdays, when gates open at 2:21 PM. Dismissal is from the classroom, with TK, Kindergarten, and 1st-grade students dismissed to families at the door. Students in 2nd grade or above may wait in front of the school to be picked up from the designated pickup lane.
Please have a plan for your students at dismissal.
You can see the designated areas for drop off/pickup here.
Safety is our top priority, therefore we ask that students and guardians always exercise caution while driving/walking and use crosswalks at all times. 

Miwok Village Bus Lane

This year, we will have an increased number of buses arriving at our site. To ensure the safety and smooth operation of our bus schedules, please note that no cars are allowed in the yellow bus lane at any time. This rule is strictly enforced, even if you are waiting in your vehicle for a brief moment.
Additionally, please be aware that the bus gate will remain locked. Families will not be able to use this gate to enter or exit the campus before or after school.
We appreciate your cooperation in helping us maintain a safe and efficient environment for all students.

I want to bring treats for my child's birthday/celebration, what should I bring?

Please contact your child's teacher before bringing any treats to the classroom. Many teachers do not allow food treats of any kind due to allergies, aversions, and disruptions. Non-food items are preferred and always enjoyed. If food treats are allowed, only store-bought, individually wrapped, pre-packaged treats with labeled ingredients are acceptable.
Please note that the office cannot guarantee that treats delivered to the office will make it to the classroom. We ask students to hold all treats for their grown-ups' approval before eating. Food and non-food goodies are sent home at the end of the day and are not consumed during instructional times.

Will there be before/after school care?

Catalyst Kids Logo
We are delighted to announce that Catalyst Kids has been awarded the contract to provide services at Miwok Village Elementary, please visit for more information.
Catalyst Kids will offer care Before/After/Off Track for TK through 6th grade students. 

I never received a link for ExL.

The link for ExL sign-ups was sent out in April. If you did not receive it, please reach out to Mari Takao at or 916-212-5147, for assistance.

When will we know if our child is enrolled in ExL?

You will receive a confirmation email regarding your child’s enrollment status from Mari Takao, the Arts Manager. If you have not received any information yet, please contact her directly at or 916-212-5147.

Is there an expected date for communication to go out to parents regarding the ExL program for next year?

Communication regarding enrollment is ongoing. If you completed the interest form and have not yet received any updates, please contact Mari Takao at or 916-212-5147, for the latest information.

Is ExL being offered to Miwok students or is it just Norcal Arts? How do we enroll our students?

The ExL program, which stands for Expanded Learning, is offered at every school but is managed by different organizations. At Miwok Village Elementary, the program is run by NorCal School of the Arts. For enrollment questions, please contact Mari Takao at or 916-212-5147.

Miwok Village ExL: When does it start? Is it after school?

The ExL program begins on the first day of school. For Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten students who are enrolled:
  •     Morning Schedule:
Students can attend from 8:35 AM to 5:30 PM. After their morning class, their NorCal Arts teacher will pick them up at 12:06 PM, take them to lunch, and then back to the NorCal Arts classroom until dismissal.
  •      Afternoon Schedule:
Students can attend from 8:35 AM to 5:30 PM. They can be brought to the NorCal Arts classroom in the morning. Their teacher will take them to lunch and then to their classroom at 11:33 AM, picking them up again at dismissal.

For any further questions, please feel free to reach out to Mari Takao at or 916-212-5147.

How Do I SIgn My Child Up for Bus Transportation?

To sign up for bus transportation, please visit the following website: [Bus Pass Application]( ). Every student must have a completed bus application to be eligible for transportation services.

Requirements and Fees:
  • Application: Every student must submit a completed bus application.
  • Fees: There are fees associated with transportation services. However, some students may be eligible for a fee waiver.

Fee Waiver Eligibility:
  • Household Income: Students may qualify for a fee waiver based on household income. This requires completing the Food and Nutrition free and reduced lunch application, even though all students receive free breakfast and lunch on campus.
  • School Offloading: Students who have been offloaded to another school site due to a lack of space at Miwok Village are also eligible for a fee waiver.

If you have any further questions or need assistance with the application process, please feel free to reach out to the office at 916-831-2098.

Regarding Concerns About Student Capacity and Parking:

Thank you for expressing your concern about the capacity and parking situation at Miwok Village Elementary.

The empty field next to our school is not owned by the Elk Grove Unified School District. It is owned by the Cosumnes Parks and Recreation District. They have informed us that the development of the park, including any parking facilities, will take at least 10 years to complete.

We frequently request that they prioritize building the parking lot first to help alleviate our traffic issues, but as of now, they have not been able to do so.

The City of Elk Grove has been proactive in addressing some of the infrastructure needs. They recently completed the sidewalk on Lousada Drive leading to Whitelock Parkway and widened the road, even though this was initially the responsibility of the Parks District.

We understand the challenges posed by our current capacity and parking situation and appreciate your patience as we continue to work with the relevant authorities to find solutions.

Regarding Traffic Safety and EGPD Presence:

Ensuring the safety of our students and families is a top priority.

We have requested that the Elk Grove Police Department (EGPD) be present during the first few weeks of school to assist with traffic control. However, their presence is contingent upon their availability and whether they are responding to other active incidents. Additionally, we are not the only school in Elk Grove requesting their assistance during these busy times.

We continue to ask that all parents respect each other and the space they are in, especially during drop-off and pick-up times. If you witness someone acting unlawfully or driving recklessly, please do not confront them yourself. Instead, contact the non-emergency number at 916-714-5115 and report the incident with as much detailed information as possible. Reports made by parents are more likely to receive a response from the authorities.

Where Do I FInd The School Supply List?

There are no school supply lists. The majority of school supplies, such as pens, pencils, binders, folders, composition books, crayons, and colored pencils, have already been purchased by the school. 

If there is something specific that your child’s classroom teacher needs that is outside of the standard school supplies, the teacher will reach out to parents directly to inform you.

Regarding School Uniform, Dress Code, What to Bring, and Lunch:

Uniform and Dress Code:
There is no uniform at Miwok Village Elementary. While there is no strict dress code, students should come dressed in clothing that allows them to comfortably participate in all elementary school activities, such as PE and recess.

What to Bring:
For all grade levels, your children should bring the following items:
  • Backpack
  • Water bottle
  • We always suggest bringing a healthy snack.

Lunch Information:

Do Sixth Graders Go To Sly Park?

No, our 6th grade students will not be going to Sly Park. There are several reasons for this decision:
  • Chaperone Availability: It is challenging to secure enough chaperones for a week-long camping trip.
  • High Costs: The cost of such trips can be quite high, making it difficult to fund.
  • Frequent Cancellations: These camps are often subject to cancellations, which can be disruptive and disappointing for students.
  • Staff Commitments: A week-long trip requires our staff to spend an extended period away from their families, which is not feasible for many.

What Formative ELA/Math Assessment are Utilized?

Elk Grove Unified School District utilizes a variety of formative assessments throughout the school year to measure students' progress in ELA (English Language Arts) and Math, especially for TK (Transitional Kindergarten) through G2 (Grade 2). These assessments are designed to provide ongoing feedback to teachers about students' learning and to tailor instruction to meet their needs. Specific assessments include those embedded within our 21st-century curriculum, which focuses on developing critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity skills essential for college and career readiness. Teachers also participate in Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) where they collaborate on best practices and strategies for effective assessment and instruction. Additional information can be found 

How do you Integrate Art and Music into the School Day?

Art and music are integrated throughout the school day at Miwok Village Elementary to enrich students' learning experiences. While there are no set number of minutes, teachers incorporate art lessons that teach specific skills such as 3D shading, digital media design, and musical instrument instruction like the ukulele. For instance, students engage in creating models with clay, exploring watercolors and tempera paints, and participating in musical performances like our elementary school band, which is one of the largest in the district. These activities not only foster creativity but also support students' development as global citizens through hands-on artistic expression and musical exploration.

To support academic excellence and close achievement gaps, the Curriculum and Professional Learning Department continuously develops standards-aligned curriculum and benchmarks, while also providing ongoing professional development opportunities for all staff members across the district.
This page is being updated regularly. Please check back for more information.